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Paca Picnics


We will provide you with a picnic table of your own in a Gazebo or in one of our enclosures or a blanket with some alpacas.

We will also provide a picnic basket full of food and drink with all the trimmings (and you have some say what that will be) 

We do this so you can sit, relax, drink and eat carefree surrounded by some friendly alpacas.

We’ll even leave you with food for the alpacas so they do not feel left out. They can be curious so we want you and them to enjoy each others company.

Some will come up to and some will not even acknowledge you are there, thinking maybe you want some of their food.

However, what is guaranteed is everyone will have a blast and take home memories of a time in their life.

We work collaboratively on the preparation of the food and drink, and we can accommodate for all food sensitivities and preferences.

This is fun for couples, families, and groups, and great for team-building!

So if you are up for a great time why not do it with some of the most amazing critters on this planet...........................

Contact me for pricing and availability........................Book early so you won't be left out. 

Monday, March 18, 2024