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Alpaca Feed

We Sell Feed for All Alpaca Needs

Lactation Feed…….…… 22.00                               

Maintenance Feed…… 20.00

Show Ring Feed…..…… 23.00

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Puget Sound Show Ring (PS-SR) (PDF)

This diet has been formulated to meet the desire of breeders to maximize fleece brightness and luster.  Flax has long been known to enhance these properties.  This diet is unique in many ways.  One of the highlights of the pellet is that it contains a purified calcium-flax oil distillate.  This product has many advantages, including ensuring absolute consistency within the diet, eliminating the potential for toxicity from the flax seed, helping to modulate and stimulate the immune system, and enhancing fiber brightness and luster.  All of these properties are also desired for animals bound for exhibition and the show ring.


Alpaca~Llama Lactation & Cria Pellet (PDF)

As one of the first formulas, it has had years of feeding and client feedback.  Along with changes in alpaca nutrition knowledge, this formula has been modified and reformulated over the years to keep pace.  It is intended for those animals with an increased nutritional need – late gestation dams, nursing dams, cria from birth through one year of life, and any animal having difficulty maintaining a normal body condition.


Alpaca~Llama Maintenance Pellet (PDF)

One of the original formulas, it has been modified and reformulated in the years since its introduction to keep pace with the growing knowledge base of alpaca nutrition.  It is intended for the maintenance animal – all animals over one year of age that do not have special nutritional requirements such as breeding males, fiber males, unbred females, and bred females in the first two trimesters of gestation.

Friday, December 8, 2023