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Shearing Services




Are you in need of gentle, caring, reliable and expert shearing for your animals?


We are pleased to offer the services of our experienced shearing team.


We have two options we will come to you and shear your animals the way you want or they canb be brought to our ranch.

     The table and gound method is administered to safely secure your animals. They are laid out for their comfort and ours.

     Toenails may be trimmed as well as front teeth trimmed upon your request.

     We use three sets of shears so that we always have a backup in case one becomes unusable.


          √ Bio security procedures practiced

          √ Due to the nature of gentleness and detailed shearing styles we  have a limit of 25 animals per day will be sheared.

         √ We reserve the right to refuse to shear any animals we feel are unhealthy or unsafe to shear.

         √ We do show cuts  please contact us about the fee

         √ The show cut is a very specialized and meticulous which requires a minimum of 30 minutes to complete.

         √  Prices vary depending on owner needs and time restraints


Contact us at:

Chris  206 280 8221  

Austin  425 320 8222  

Elise  425 750 0292


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