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                Supplies - Services -  Fees

                                    Prices exclude Washington state sales tax.

• Detachable Blades -                                                                                        $12.00

• Two Piece Large Animal Blades and Combs   

   (e.g. Oster, Clipmaster, Shearmaster, Heiniger and more )                    $6.00 each piece

• Adjustable Blades -                                                                                       $14.00

• Ceramic Blades -                                                                                           $15.00

                                            Express Service - add  $1.25 per piece                                                            

Standard turn-around time is 6 days.

Express Service turn-around time is 2 days

Turn-around time does not include shipping


Cost includes sharpening, ultrasonic cleaning and disinfecting, and testing to ensure function.

An additional cleaning fee of $2 may apply if blades require additional cleaning processes prior to

sharpening. If you require us to return your sharpened blades by mail, an additional fee for packaging

and shipping will apply; contact us for details.


Clipper blades we can sharpen include:

Oster clipper blades • Andis clipper blades • Laube clipper blades • Wahl clipper blades • Lister • Heiniger

Double K • Sunbeam •  K9 • Gingher • Weiss • Kai • Shun • Snyder... and more!

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