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Tour Fees"  

Adults - Teens -  Kids 5 & older     $17.50  


Are an amazing & unique way to have a fun, up close, personal, educational and recreactional experience while getting to know about and fall in love with these wonderful alpacas:

  • Why we raise them

  • What they are used for

  • Why they are in America

  • What are they like 

  • What do they feel like

  • And everything else you may want to know or learn

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Please note:

1)   Our ranch is not open for "drop-ins" - you must have an           appointment or reservation prior to visiting the ranch.

2)    All tours are guided Tours

3)   If you are unable to book for a particular time in advance,         please call 360 - 634 - 9541   to ascertain availability. We             want to be accomodating and at the same time safe for               you and us.

Tour Hours & Fees 

Our tours are guided tours. We offer scheduled tours Saturday and Sunday year-round weather concerning (with the exceptions noted below). Tours start promptly at 2:00 Saturday and 1:30 PM Sunday and  3:30 PM Sunday (for overflow only). Plan on the tour lasting approximately an hour. If you arrive late, you will be required to wait for the start of the next tour (assuming there is room). Please plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to your tour. To visit with the animals, you do need to join a guided tour. Reservations are  required and space is limited on each tour, so we recommend booking ahead. The tours are outside, so please check the weather ahead of your visit and prepare/dress accordingly.



Preparing for Your Tour

  • CHECK THE WEATHER AHEAD OF TIME – The tours are outside and subject to the weather. If you are concerned about the weather causing a tour to be cancelled, please call ahead.

  • ARRIVE 10 MINUTES EARLY – Tours start on time and any guests who arrive late will need to join a later tour (if available) or forfeit their booking. We want to be considerate to those who are on time and have plans after the tour. 

  • WEAR APPROPRIATE SHOES – boots are recommended, but in the least, please wear closed-toe shoes. Be prepared to get a bit  dusty or maybe muddy (depending on the season).

  • DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA – you won’t want to miss out on capturing special moments and photos are encouraged.

  • BIO-CONTAMINANTS – Please do not wear any clothing or shoes that have been around sheep, goats, or other livestock as you may be carrying parasites/bacteria that can be harmful to the alpacas.

  • NO PETS ALLOWED – For the safety and security of the animals on the ranch, no pets will be allowed on the ranch.*


Additional Information

  • Children under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Strollers, Baby Carriers, Walkers and Canes are safe to use on the farm, though some of the terrain may be rough traveling. If you are able to move about without these items, you’ll have a better experience.

  • All tour guests who enter the farm for a tour must pay for admission. Children under 3 years old are free.

  • Disability Parking and Drop-Off is provided.

  • Tour Bus Parking available by request.


Ranch Visitors with Special Needs


SFAR wants to be considerate with folks that experience lfe with a disability. We will work to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to visitors who in need. Such accommodations are to ensure equal access to our tours, programs, services, events, and activities. We want to make sure that all of our visitors have a meaningful and safe experience and are comfortable during a visit to the ranch. Therefore, we encourage individuals with disabilities who may have special accommodation requests to make prior arrangements with us. To set up such arrangements or if more information is needed about accommodations we can make, please contact us at or 360 - 634 - 9541.


Visitors with Service Animals


In order to ensure the safety of our staff, volunteers, visitors, resident animals, and visiting service animals, certain areas of the ranch are accessible only by staff, our resident animals, and visiting guests. A clean and safe area can be made available for a service dog during a guest’s visit to restricted areas. Please note that the restricted areas include all animal enclosures.


For any other species of service animal, please contact us so that we can determine whether accommodation may be made. Contacting us in advance to make arrangements for service animals is strongly encouraged to assist us in preparing appropriate accommodations for the service animal upon arrival. Please do not leave service animals inside your vehicle while you are visiting as temperatures inside of a vehicle can reach life-threatening conditions very quickly, even with windows open.


Companion Animals


For their safety and the safety of our animals, companion animals are not allowed on the ranch property at any time. Please do not leave companion animals inside your vehicle while you are visiting. 


Large/Private Group Tours


SFAR offers private tours for groups of 15 and more 


School, Church and Other Groups: Admission charges will be reduced for school children that are visiting the ranch as part of a group tour. Adult chaperones are $10.00 per person and are required in the following ratios according to the childrens’ age:


Age 3-5:  1 chaperone per 2 children
Age 6-9:  1 chaperone per 3 children
Age 10-14:  1 chaperone per 4 children
Age 15-18:  1 chaperone per 5 children


The minimum admission for group tours is $100 to cover our staff time and resources.

Group Tours must be scheduled in advance and all minors will need to have a hold harmless liability release signed by their parent or guardian before the tour.


If you would like to arrange a group tour or want additional information, please contact us at or at 360 634 9541

Please note: Our entrance can accommodate a buse and we have ample parking for 12 cars.

Cancellation/Refund Policy


Tour reservations may be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled tour time. You wll be given a voucher by email for use at your convience.


There are No Refunds will be given on “no shows” or cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled tour time.


Rescheduling of a reservation may be possible if the tour schedule permits. 

                   IMPORTANT NOTICE


***** Please be sure to arrive promptly on time. As tours leave on time,***** 

any late arrivals will need to wait until the next tour time.

For safety precautions-No Pets Allowed

Please Wear Weather Appropriate Gear

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