Ranch Certification Program

          Ranch Certification Program   


      This year has been a very interesting year here at Strawberry Fields. In May 2016 instead of celebrating our 10th year in the alpaca business, our 10 year anniversary gift was a complaint served upon us by Snohomish County Animal Control.

     This complaint was initiated by 1) an alpaca owner who is a Washington County Sherriff in Oregon who admittedly had not ever been to our ranch 2) a Camano Island alpaca ranch whom we sold alpacas to 3 years previously, the husband works at Boeing  3) a person who knows nothing about alpacas is not in the business yet feels she knows more about alpacas than anyone else.

     To these people we thank you. It made available the opportunity for our ranch to be put under the scrutiny of senior animal control officers in our county. It also has inspired us to start a program to set certification standards for our ranch and to be underwritten by our veterinarians. They will produce a report annually of the state of affairs of our ranch and herd begining at the end of 2017 . We also think this would be a great asset to other ranches and ranchers in the industry. 

    We send out our alpacas to be breed and have alpacas sent to us to be bred. We think people ought to know the state of affairs of the ranches they are doing business with. Also the state of care their alpacas will get when in someone else’s care and custody. 

Here is a redacted copy of the complaint and the results of the exhaustive 8 week investigation of our ranch 

The results were very clear - we had not committed any of the alligations we had been accused of - 
It is very cowardly to make a complaint and then run and hide not one of the complaintants were willing to put their compliant in writing and sign it
When things like this happen the complaintants rather the citizens and taxpayers of Snohomish County need to bear the costs . 
In life there are people who will do things which insight you to feel mad, disrespected, hurt or just treated badly or falsely. Do not let enmity in your heart consume you. Forgiveness, allows for the soul to cleanse and our being to achieve immense inspiring conquests.
                      Chris Sturgeon
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