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Like all animals, alpacas exhibit individual personality. They are herd animals, preferring the companionship of their friends and their established community, and will become stressed if separated from their buddies.


Observe who is always first at the food bins, and who is last. Notice when a female is extra-friendly — she may have lost her pregnancy and is wanting to be re-bred. Some cria exhibit independence at an early age, others may be momma’s kids, just like two-legged humans.

Gentle and curious, shy and bashful, assertive and confident, and alpacas respond well to children, and many ranches are a family affair. A confident youngster can handle an animal in the show ring or on an obstacle course. Alpacas are well-suited for 4-H projects to learn animal husbandry. During winter holidays you may even see a couple of them stand in for their camel cousins in a Nativity scene. Or when a passersby walks by the fence they will come and introduce themselves. Some are very protective and when there is a sign of danger they warn the herd.

Alpacas are hierachal animals and have a peking order from the Alpha Male to the mild mannerred respectful new young male on the ranch  and the Eager Grand Dam to the Passive young girl who has just arrived.


They are fun, inquisitive and always entertaining.

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