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                        Medications to

                                    have on hand




As a responsible owner, have medications on site in the event that you need them. Always check with your vet prior to using medications for the first time. Know the weights of your animals so that dosages are proper for each individual animal. These medications and dosages listed are what we use on our farm. Please check with your vet for their recommendation for the needs of your farm specifically.

Ivomec and Dectomax 1cc/70 lbs

CD&T Annual Vaccine cria and adult 2cc in muscle

Banamine 1cc/100lbs

Bo-Se (Vitamin B and Selenium) for selenium deficient areas
Cria: ½ cc
Adult 1cc

Rabies-given by vet

Panacur paste 250/adult 125/babies

Naxcel antibiotic see vet for dosage

Antibiotic eye ointment

Zinc Oxide for skin irritations

Iodine for cria navels

Corrid for coccidian- see vet for dosage

Bounce Back for heat stressed animals

Pepto Bismol extra strength 6cc/dose

Sulcrafate for ulcers
Cria:1/2 tab 3x per day-dissolve as a paste
Adult: 2 tabs twice per day-dissolve to a paste


Fly Rid


Blu Kote- seals wounds

Blood Stop- in case you nick when trimming


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