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Large Motorized Drum Carder 


The Large Motorized "Big Brother" carder is our biggest motorized drum carder


It has TWO variable speed motors, they are adjusted with a knob and have forward/reverse, which give a very large carding ratio.


The motors are protected in a stainless steel bracket and never come in contact with any fiber, they are a direct drive and there is no belts on the machine to ever wear out. Large 12 1/2" diameter drum produces a 9x39" inch batt.





The teeth on our cloth are made of a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity and they are 1/2" long.


Brush attachment, doffer and instruction manual included. available in all types of cloth.


We have 5 different tpi (teeth per inch) cloth types to chose from for carding any type of fleece, wool, silk, cotton, and more. extra fine (190tpi), fine (120tpi), medium (90tpi), coarse (72tpi),and extra coarse (54tpi).


Frame is built with solid oak and has a clear polyurethane finish. it is 24" inches long 20" inches wide and total height is 15".and weighs 40lbs. Sealed bearings.


It has a convenient easy slide out tray for catching any debris that falls under the carder. Maintenance free. Comes completely assembled and ready to card.


Additional drums can be purchased which allow you to card all types of fleece and wool on one carder.


                FREE SHIPPING in the U.S


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