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Can alpacas
generate income?
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 Generate income?

YES!  Financial benefits and substanial profits reported are not uncommon.  Not only can you write off your Alpaca, you can sell your baby crias to other investors or at auctions which can add up quite nicely.

Example: Ten Year Herd Growth
Herd size beginning of year one – Two males and five pregnant females.

The above chart is found in the Alpaca investment brochure produced by the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association. The herd initially cost $102,500and grew to a value of more than $1,272,500 in ten years. The net return after deducting all the projected costs is $960,260. This equals a 57.8 percent annual average rate of return, the average amount invested over the ten-year period was $166,200.

One can start with a 102,500.00 investment or as minimal as  2,500.00 it is all up to you however the money is there.

You can’t find a better investment with such a stable positive return. All this and your investment is totally insurable. Results depend on one size of their initial investment and size of their foundation herd.

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