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At SFAR this Spring things are exciting. In our efforts to be environmentally responsible and friendly. This year we have created a program to benefit our Environment, The Cancer Society and Lowes.

We are excited to bring to you the public exclusively at Strawberry Fields Alpaca Ranch the opportunity to use our miracle poop to help your gardening ventures this year.

The Smokey Point -- Lowes -- located at "3300 169th Pl NE, Arlington, WA 98223" has partnered with us to make this program possible.

We are selling Alpaca Fertilizer Poop in 5 gallon buckets for $15.00 a bucket. Fresh and ready to put in the ground, starts, helping dead spots of grass, replanting shrubs and/or plants or however your gardening plans require.

SFAR will make a donation of 5.00 per sale to The American Cancer Society. The poo is only available at 13924 McElroy RD Arlington WA 98223.

Rush and join us with the rebirth of any of your gardening ventures and give those a chance fighting cancer the same opportunity.

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Alpaca manure consists of small, oval droppings resembling beans and are known as "Green Beans" within the alpaca breeding industry. With three stomachs to process food, the alpaca diet of grass, hay, vitamins, minerals, and fresh water moves efficiently through from product to poop.

Green Beans are a natural source of slowly releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium/potash-all in small percentages - so there is no problem burning or over fertilization. Poop in piles is easy to collect! Compost it or put it directly on outdoor plants.

Some benefits of Green Beans include:

  • Green Beans are naturally organic with no added manufactured chemicals - just Mother Earth and the eco-friendly, carbon-neutral North American native alpaca.

  • Green Beans are virtually odorless. Try that with horse, cow, chicken, or pig droppings.

  • Green Beans added to pastures helps to loosen clay soils and harden sandy soils

  • Green Beans add vital-nutrients to soil, in addition to critical nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Some facts about Green Beans:

  • Alpacas produce an average of 1 pound of Green Beans per day. Doing the math, that's about 365 pounds per year per alpaca. A herd of 150 alpacas produces about 24.5 tons of Green Beans per year.


Alpaca Green Beans Tea (plant fertilizer) recipe:

  • Fill a knee-high nylon stocking with beans.

  • Mix with 1/2 gallon of water.

  • Let mixture sit in the sun for a few hours.

  • Pour liquid on flowers, plants, trees.


Green Beans For Larger Areas

  • Spread generously into area desired

  • For fertilizing turn it into soil


Using alpaca bean allows you to landscape and garden:

  • Naturally

  • Organically

  • Chemical Free


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